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By far best alicorn OC I've ever seen. Not even earth pony OCs can overtake this one. Best pony. Yes. Would do again. We all need this ...

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100 points + art Contest
  k, so I'm a bit bored and want something to do besides my owed art in free time, so here's a contest. It's fairly simple; draw one or more of my oc's for a chance at winning. 
There will only be one winner, mostly cause I'm poor af, but all other entries will get a mention too.
June 18th (my birthday)
Entrants so far: 4
~Draw one or more of my listed oc's
~each person may have up to 3 entries each
~Tag me in your entry and link it back here (in case tagging dont work)
~You do not have to be a watcher to join
~You may draw them as any creature (human, wolf, etc), they don't need to be drawn as ponies. So really draw them in whatever creature you're most comfortable drawing
100 dA points and a traditional art of any character


:iconjinxedrosethorn:JinxedRoseThorn 7 49
It's So Fun! ~ art trade by Peparmint-Splash It's So Fun! ~ art trade :iconpeparmint-splash:Peparmint-Splash 4 2 Gifto by LulWhutJRDrawz Gifto :iconlulwhutjrdrawz:LulWhutJRDrawz 2 2
Yes It's not joke! Its Giveway!!

This is art giveway!

How to enter?

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Fave this jornal
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Watch me
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Make a journal or pool
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Write a coment if you done this 3 steps! and link to your journal!

1ST Winner
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Full body commission with 4 PONIES
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 2 Full body commission (Traditional art)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 3 HeadShot commsion (Trdidional or Digital)

2ND Winner
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Full body commision with 3 ponies
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!
:iconmyladymlp:Myladymlp 4 9
Change You'r Oc... by Peparmint-Splash Change You'r Oc... :iconpeparmint-splash:Peparmint-Splash 8 110 Reference Sheet {F2U}{MLP Base}[OUTDATED] by Karkats-Spaghetti Reference Sheet {F2U}{MLP Base}[OUTDATED] :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 453 75 nutella by delijz nutella :icondelijz:delijz 35 5 ASK Sapphire #4 How does paper taste? by Sapphire-M00nLight ASK Sapphire #4 How does paper taste? :iconsapphire-m00nlight:Sapphire-M00nLight 14 3 MlP Adopts (CLOSED) by IzzaKenna MlP Adopts (CLOSED) :iconizzakenna:IzzaKenna 5 17
i should be doing homework but i got distracted
001. Real Name : Bethany
002. Nickname: Beth/B/Howl/Wolfie
003. Zodiac Sign: Aries
004. Male Or Female: Gurl yo
005. Primary: Yes until I was seven
006. Secondary : no
007. College/uni : No but I plan to go eventually
008. Hair Color : brown
009. Long Or Short: Long as bitch
010. Loud Or Quiet: quiet until I'm comfortable and then I get annoying
011. Jogging bottoms Or Jeans : omg jeans fuck joggers
012. Phone Or Camera : Both pls thanks
013. Health Freak : Nupe, hand me the pizza
014. Drink Or Smoke: Well cider is awesome but not very often and smoking is for losers
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Nah, unless my boyfriend counts
016. Political orientation: I don't disclose my politics
017. Piercings: No I'm too wussy XD
018. Tattoos: Want one, won't ever get one
019. Airplane : yas
020. Car Accident : Yis
021. Fist Fight : Almost
022. First piercing: Nuh
023. First Best Friend : Harry xD
024. First Instrument : Piano
025. First award: Two gold medals and
:iconhowlingwolf64:HowlingWolf64 1 0
I messed up.
I'm writing this as a public apology and to address the huge mess i made 
A little while ago I wrote something absolutely nasty about my boyfriend Woll-ica 
It was horrible and untrue and I feel terrible for ever writing it
I stupidly wrote it on my tumblr account because I have no followers or friends on there, thinking that it would never be found.
Then today he made a tumblr account and when I followed him he obviously found it.
I'm sorry, Harry. I swear to you I didn't mean a word of that message. It was a stupid, juvenile mistake made in the heat of the moment and I regret every word of it.
I'm aware you want nothing to do with me after that and I don't blame you for it at all. I'm so, so sorry.
It was an absolutely horrible thing to do and I can't express how much I hate myself for this. But it's not about me.
For the final time I am so sorry, my mistake has cost me the most amazing boy in the world and I'll forever regret this.
I love you so much Harry.
I'll never
:iconhowlingwolf64:HowlingWolf64 1 1
Kitty adopts (OPEN) by HowlingWolf64 Kitty adopts (OPEN) :iconhowlingwolf64:HowlingWolf64 3 2
Accepting 1 free request
Alright, so I've kinda been at a slump in life right now, so imma take a slight break and accept 1 free request
~ favorite this journal
~ must be a watcher of me but DO NOT just watch me for the request. Only watch me if you like my work too, and don't unwatch, cause that's just plain rude
~ share this journal and link back
~ be sure to Include ALL the details you would like in the comment (not doing it again where people add details after I'm done)
~ Iclude a ref or very detailed description
~ follow my art guidelines as to what I will and will not draw (as seen on my commission prices )
~ ALL the above criteria must be met or else I will not do your request
:iconjinxedrosethorn:JinxedRoseThorn 3 12


Woll-ica has started a donation pool!
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You hug somebody, you're nasty
You stay up for somebody to comfort them, you didn't try
You wanted to play a game with somebody, you're controlling
You spend every waking hour of your day with them, you're ungrateful
You're being a pretty average, decent human being, they assume you're gonna be nasty

I'm single now.
Free Oc


all bases by SelenaEde

Please tell me if you're keeping or returning her (I'll give her to somebody else) :3
Even if I'm technically a man -

Stolen from LulWhutJRDrawz yes we're friends again fukk off ok

1: Do you sleep in your bra?: 

2: Do you like noodles?:

3: Do you enjoy drama?:
So much

4: Are you a girly-girl?:
Not at all

5: Small or larger purses?:
A fucking bag because I'm not a pussy

6: Are you short?:
I don't know man im pretty tall

7: Do you like somebody?: 

8: Do you care if your socks are dirty?

9: Do you like Halloween?:
I don't like any holidays.

10: Favorite time of the year?: 
April 3rd, August 13th.

11: Where is the weirdest place you have slept?:
In the bathroom


12: Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the last 24 hours?: 

13: Is there any type of rumor going around about you?:
Rumour going around that I'm gay. Which is funny. Because they say I'm dating a girl in the school. And I'm a guy. But I'm apparently gay??

14: Do you call anybody by their last name?:

15: How many guys will read this just because it says "Girl Confessions"?: 
None because my watchers don't listen to me lmao

Be Honest: 

1: What color is the bra you're wearing?: 

2: Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?: 
ask Benny

3: Are you currently frustrated with a boy?:

4: Do you have a best friend?

5: Have you ever had your heart broken?:

6: Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?:
7: Do you like your life?:

Kinda sorta

8: Have you ever jumped into the pool with you clothes on?:

9: Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?:
More boys

10: How long have you had a Facebook?: 
Honestly ages

11: Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?:
I've bitch slapped so many individuals that it's hard to count how many were male.

12: What are your biggest fears?
Spiders, heights, pain, death, very big buildings etc

13: Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?


14: Have you ever not been able to get someone off your mind?:

15: Do you believe in the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater"?:

16: Have you ever had a good feeling about something?:

17: Do you ever wish you were famous?: 

18: Are you currently missing someone?:

19: Who are you texting right now?: 

1: Eyeliner or mascara?: No.
2: Pink or black?: PINK
3: Pumps or flats?: What
4: Skirts or pants?: Pants
5: Socks or leggings?: Leggings ik im actually gay lmao
6: Hoodies or jackets?: hoodies.
7: Heels or sneakers?: Sneakers.
8: Straight or curly?: What do you mean my sexuality
9: White or black?: Black.
10: Smoothies or lattes?: I don't even drink these
11: Diet or regular sodas: Diet because reasons.
12: Water or daiquiris?: What language is this again
13: Pearls or diamonds?: Diamonds.
14: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?: Both. Best twins.
15: iPod or cell phone?: None
17: Lip gloss or lip stick?: Bitch do you think--
18: Manicure or pedicures?: No.
19: Tank tops or bathers?: NO.
20: Big sunglasses or small?: FUCKING NO.
21: Sunglasses or purses: PISS. OFF.

1: Funny or serious?: Funny
2: Romantic or daredevil?: Romantic
3: Dark eyes or light eyes?: No.
4: Long hair or short hair: NO.
5: Curly hair or straight hair: WHY DO YOU NEED THIS
may be drawing people's OCs for free!
Peparmint-splash ART TRADE
my side of the art trade with peparmint-splash


Oc is owned by peparmint-splash

- Please don't leave critiques for the OC itself here, leave critiques for the art style.
You hug somebody, you're nasty
You stay up for somebody to comfort them, you didn't try
You wanted to play a game with somebody, you're controlling
You spend every waking hour of your day with them, you're ungrateful
You're being a pretty average, decent human being, they assume you're gonna be nasty

I'm single now.


Woll-ica's Profile Picture
kazoo kid stamp by gunsweat 852 by glovannas I hate when Trees crush my Dads stamp by gardenlore her nose is huge by deadstamps jus stop (commission) by deadstamps its a prank bro (commission) by deadstamps my sexuality wasn't made to impress you by stamping-hammies
Make Whatever You Want Kids by NummyPixels

yeeeaaasss boiiiiiiii WAT IS UP MABOIIIIIIIISSS

YASSS: HowlingWolf64 <33

>Bestieboo: ItsElzie

First DA friend: LeopardCoon1200

Lil' bottle of double strength bleach: FlutterpieAJ

I don't know why I like the spelling of this: peparmint-splash


If I missed u please tell me i luv u my lil bean--

Note: You can very quickly be removed from this list for the following reasons:
Obviously, being rude or disrespectful
Posting journal after journal and art piece after art piece about how sad and upsetting your widdle life is
Being a dick unnecessarily to somebody else
Being a jealous lil bean

dissing the lil bottle of double strength bleach


Custom Pony
Don't send the points through this, send them to me directly using the gift function.

Please note me the specifics and do not send the points until AFTER I upload the pony, as I wouldn't want to forget about something you paid for.



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